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To answer a frequently asked question: since a few years und to date (2018) visits to the hospital are not possible for the sake of safety. Felonious (not religious) abductions to hold people for ransom are a permanent danger. Even the project manager goes to the hospital in Chak “on a secret mission” – if possible at all.


Extracts from the guestbook of the hospital

Dear Karla and team,

For me Chak is a place of rescue, healing and recovering. And we “only” come for recreation! Shouldn’t we be ashamed?

In Kabul, one mafia replaces another and each of them blackmails the helpers even more impertinently. Over the country, the most absurd rules of conduct have been announced maintaining to be the most Afghan, most Islamic and therefore solely acceptable morals. In Brussels, Geneva, Peshawar and at home more and more incompetent pen pushers are preventing any funding more and more effectively.

All this is awful, true, and frustrating. And - that’s why we come to Chak. Here we can see that despite of everything a large project can thrive, prosper and succeed.
Besides, nature here is so beautiful!

Peter Schwittek, 22 June 1998


The Chak-e-Wardak Hospital is unique and it cannot be compared. This project has been managed by Mrs Karla Schefter. This is to send you my warmest congratulations and best wishes for the future.

Every Afghan brother should see this text in this book and should be reminded about the fact that this German woman has given us so much help and relief. I, Hadji Daud, am very grateful for the fabulous hospitality!

I wish you the best of luck for the future!

Hadji Daud, 2 August 2000 (Karla Schefter’s interpreter in Chak 1989 and 1990)

Dear Karla
Thousand thanks for the preparations. Without you, we would not have been able to work in a rural area at such an early stage. This different perspective offers a view of Afghanistan that does not omit the problems and hardships. 

The hospital project has proved that it is possible to achieve sustainable development that will enhance the lives of people perceptibly. I hope that others will follow your concept. Unfortunately, huge funds provided for the development of Afghanistan are not deployed effectively.

Good luck for the hospital and for your valley. For you and the valley, I do hope that the conflicts will not be fuelled.

Best wishes

Ulrich Tilgner, 27.9.2006