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The location of the hospital

The hospital is situated in a high valley (2400 above sea level) in the province of Wardak, the district of Chak, about 65 km south west of Kabul, in a very favourable situation. The river Chak provides abounding water for the fertile valley throughout the year.

A hydro-electric power plant, which was built by SIEMENS in 1939-1942, though heavily damaged and needing repair,  provides free extremely unsteady low current electricity, which can be mostly used for lighting. However in summer even that electricity is missing as the river water is then needed for the irrigation of the fields. Very soon (2017/2018) realistic plans and a start of construction for the resumption of a regular power plant activity will be foreseeable.

Therefore Diesel generators provide the rest of electricity, which do not work throughout the day due to the high cost. If economically possible a part of the energy supply is provided by solar panels (water) respective photovoltaic cells (electricity) since lately.
 Since 1995 the district has been controlled by the Taliban and fortunately has never been attacked since 1989.  Though there are no mined areas in the valley, again and again mine victims have been brought to the hospital from more distant areas.

The Chak-Valley


Besides the hospital buildings there are also buildings for our own kitchen, bakery and laundry on the compound. A complete training centre for women and a small settlement with 10 homes for the staff are attached to it.