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The Board of Directors



Project management
Karla Schefter

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Dipl. Ing. Gerhard Sprißler

Graduate engineer with 25 years of experience in managing, marketing and communication positions, furthermore responsible for advertising, and PR activities. With his experience he supports key clients with his own PR-agency. Since 1995 he has been consultant and management trainer with a self developed workshop series (G.S. MARKOM System) based on a holistic training method that sheds light on the personality.


Deputy Chairman:
Dr. hc (Burdenko Akademie) Ramona Schumacher


Director of nursing and member of the Board of Directors at the Charité, Berlin. Until August 2016: civil nursing officer of the German Federal Armed Forces/ 1. “Inspizient” for medical jobs.  Mrs. Dr. hc Schumacher has known Karla Schefter since the beginning of the 70s from the municipal Dortmund Hospital.


Rainer Stadelmann


Officer; pilot in leading positions of the air force (e.g. Deputy commander of a flying unit) and commercial pilot. Afterwards an apprenticeship to become a logistics manager, testedby the IHK. Since 1999 service at the SFOR and KFOR-forces, i.e. liaison officer to the World Bank and Office of the High Representative (OHR) at the World Bank in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Since 2002 ISAF-service in Afghanistan for more than one year. Management of rebuilding-teams in Kabul and Feyzabad with project like renovating and building of schools and of the police headquarter of Kabul. Retired since 2006.


Barbara Wiegel

MSc economics, 31 years of experience in the steel manufacturing industry: Market research, strategic planning, corporate development and finally in investor relations. In early retirement since 2002