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Me within we

Karla Schefter:
"This saying of the Sufi mystics, who teach a very loving and tolerant Islamic faith and who don’t even know a word for “killing”, has become my very personal motif in my work in the Chak-e-Wardak Hospital that has been operating for nearly 30 years now.

Like an unrestingly pumping heart in an organism also a hospital fulfils a manifold and important task. It provides life to its surroundings and vice versa is nourished by many blood vessels of various form, size and function in a network of tasks, thus each making its contribution.

This network consists of many persons who all provide their resources and abilities to the project to enhance it and to keep it going.

Every single person is part of the whole!

Indispensable elements of this whole project are the “Committee for the Promotion of Medical and Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan”, all the many donators and the Afghan and German friends.

I am feeling that my function as manager there is more that of a motivator– my own motivation being the enormous responsibility that this project has put on my shoulders as a commitment.


People often ask after the secret of success of the hospital.

However, this is really quite simple!

You mustn’t just impose aid on an existing system and therefore overstrain it, but just let changes develop from the bottom up – which includes a lot of tolerance and acceptance of existing structures.

In war torn Afghanistan only those Afghans stayed in their country that neither had money nor connections, to build up a home in the western world. Now it is even more difficult for them to rebuild their country.

Consequently their human suffering has roused all the more pity in others and made them willing to help.

To all of them I want to say thank you so much!

You can be sure - the people in Afghanistan deeply appreciate your assistance."