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Curriculum vitae

Born | March 25, 1942 in Allenstein, East Prussia

Till 1962 | training as a nurse

Till 1963 | working in Brazil and New York

Till 1965 | training as an OT nurse, University Hospital Giessen

1966 | working in Istanbul, Turkey

1966-1989 | head OT nurse at the Municipal Hospital Dortmund for general surgery and later also for heart surgery

Advanced degrees: nursing teacher and chief nursing officer

Nationwide involved in advanced and further training for OT nurses. Twelve publications concerning the nurse’s work in the operation theatre. Participating in the management of international congresses concerning work in operation theatres.

Since 1989 | she has been involved in building up and (since 1992) also in managing the Chak-e-Wardak Hospital in Afghanistan.

Address in Germany | Landgrafenstr. 57, D-44143 Dortmund
E-Mail: karla.schefter@chak-hospital.org