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Your donation: Aid that reaches those in need

Please support our humanitarian charity for the people of Afghanistan. Even with small amounts of money you can achieve a lot. Your donation reaches our patients directly. By means of a project sponsorship you can support the hospital substantially. As the project manager of the Chak-e-Wardak Hospital I check the usage of all donations and project partnerships personally nothing is lost!The hospital has survived all wars and upheavals during the last twenty years and is continuing to work without any interference.Thank you very much for your helpKarla Schefter


Our committee has been recognized as benevolent and is authorized to issue donation receipts.
We have been awarded with the DZI Seal-of-Approval by the German Central Institute for Social issues (DZI).
For your donation we will send a donation receipt as soon as possible. If you donate several times a year and for project partnerships you will receive just one receipt at the end of the year.