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Your donation: Aid that reaches those in need

Please support our humanitarian charity for the people of Afghanistan. Even with small amounts of money you can achieve a lot. Your donation reaches our patients directly – that is what I, as the project leader myself, and every single directorate of our Afghanistan-Committee guarantee, just as the advisory board that supervises us.
Besides the withdrawal of most helping organizations in the provinces the general interest in Afghanistan decreases more and more. The given reason is a fatal “It doesn’t help  at all”. That is wrong – how we prove with nearly thirty years of continuous assistance! But even we notice that the number of donors declines. Luckily that is held up by the even higher donations of our loyal supporters and especially that in favour of a donation to our project people refrain from a present for birthdays, weddings and even funeral services.

“Professional fundraising” through agencies which work with “very emotive language” but claim quite a high amount of the donations for the administration and therefore for themselves, is not a possibility for us in general. You can support us more sustainably with a project partnership than with a single donation as then we can calculate with a fixed sum.
The hospital has survived all wars and upheavals during the last twenty years and is continuing to work without any interference.
Thank you very much for your help!
Your Karla Schefter

Our committee has been recognized as benevolent and is authorized to issue donation receipts.
For your donation we will send a donation receipt as soon as possible. If you donate several times a year and for project partnerships you will receive just one receipt at the end of the year.